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The Challenge for builders - June - Theme : Factory

!! Follow US !! Factory desk
!! Follow US !! with The Challenge 

“The Challenge” was created to give every builder the chance and motivation to think outside the box, step aside from what they usually do and still create items that are appealing to the community.

- !! Follow US !! Factory desk : Available inworld - June 01 -> 30. Price L$199
- Complete set 26prims (Stool 2prims, desk 8prims, garbage and boxes 11prims, Helmet 5prims)
- Make sure, you have latest V3 viewer or other mesh compatible viewer
- Available in other version
- The animations are adjusted for a man, but you can set them yourself, of course.

Other version :
!! Follow US !! Factory school desk
In the beginning of each month a certain theme is announced. Each builder has then one month to make an item inspired on the theme. It can be anything from furniture to decoration, homes, skyboxes or garden accessories. Themes can either come from different building periods or represent a certain style.

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