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Beautiful life living room

with cuddles, kiss and more..


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Picnic basket

With cuddles, kiss, props and more

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!! Follow US !! Gacha THE24

This event features 24 wonderful 24 home designers who have come together by invitation only, to bring you the exclusive interior design in limited edition.


!! Follow US !! Mademoiselle bathroom

Sink with shelf and beauty basket

!! Follow US !! Shelf my girl

Guys ! In your bedroom or in your living room ? that is the question !


Thanks ModeLS magazine

Amazing surprise to find my item in your magazine, thank you very much ModeLS magazine !

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Rock Attitude Hunt3


!! Follow US !! Birthday table cottage

I will not talk about my new item, because my sweet bloggers have done a great work, so you can read their blogs (direct link on the pic).


!! Follow US !! Romantic bar - Cuddles version

Set with :

!! Follow US !! Smokers bar

Bar with animations (single) - Men only. Sorry ladies, the animations for this item are adjusted to men.

!! Follow US !! Photographer shelf

Add your pics with UUID

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Bloggers - The Challenge for builder (August) - Thank you for your support !

Dear bloggers,

Thank you very much for your excellent and talented work.


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Today (August 02) begins the Ultimate Stuff Hunt (MENstuff / HOMEstuff) until Sunday, September 1st.
We are with the Homestuff.