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Beautiful life living room

with cuddles, kiss and more..


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Picnic basket

With cuddles, kiss, props and more

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!! Follow US !! Midcentury Modern desk - Turntable

!! Follow US !! Midcentury Modern desk - Turntable

The Challenge for builders - November - Theme : MidCentury modern

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“The Challenge” was created to give every builder the chance and motivation to think outside the box, step aside from what they usually do and still create items that are appealing to the community.


!! Follow US !! Vanity table Beautiful life

!! Follow US !! Vanity Beautiful life 

October - New gift !! Follow US !!

"Eat me, my Love.." *dreams*


Candy Fair - Bloggers, thank you for your support !

Candy Fair - Bloggers, thank you for your support and congrats for your wonderful and amazing work ! You're the Best !


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Anything featuring Candy, (candy Colors) (example: clothes, jewelry, skins (makeups count too), furniture, home & decor, poses, kids items, anything with candy or featuring candy.. so this fair was created specifically for greedy (like me!), right ?


!! Follow US !! with OMG ! (Oh My Gacha !)

!! Follow US !! with Oh My Gacha !