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Beautiful life living room

with cuddles, kiss and more..


Merry Christmas with !! Follow US !!

Autumn - Follow US gift

Each month, discover a new gift

Picnic basket

With cuddles, kiss, props and more

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The Challenge for builders - June - Theme : Factory

!! Follow US !! Factory desk
!! Follow US !! with The Challenge 

“The Challenge” was created to give every builder the chance and motivation to think outside the box, step aside from what they usually do and still create items that are appealing to the community.

!! Follow US !! with The Box Event (June)

!! Follow US !! Zen sunloungers - Pink champagne
!! Follow US !! Zen sunloungers - Pink champagne available in preview for The Box event : June 01 -> 30


!! Follow US !! Glam' vanity - Backstage

Chic and glamorous white. This style survives multiple generations. Perfect for women who love to be beautiful.

!! Follow US !! Glam' mirror

After the Screen / Room divider Good Night, discover the Glam' mirror with dress 4 colors.

!! Follow US !! Glam' living room

Chic and glamorous white. This style survives multiple generations.


Discovery offer - Limited - !! Follow US !! Factory table with placemats

Discovery offer on Marketplace - Limited price L$49

Factory table with stools and placemats with menu :
- 4 categories : Drink, Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert
- 9 different foods and drinks


!! Follow US !! Factory

I love the style factory !

Discover these cabinets / Animated screen TV with broken effect

My 60L secret - May 10 -> 13

!! Follow US !! My little factory

Bargains weekly - Sales 12.01AM Friday - 11.59PM Monday


!! Follow US !! My sweet denim - Living room

You want to cuddle with your partner or, you want to be alone to play? You choose. All is possible with this living room because two versions of sofas are included in the box :

!! Follow US !! May - Gift group and other

Before you discover the May - Gift group, I introduce two other models.

Never lose your keys, hang them on the panels.

!! Follow US !! Adam and Eve

What is it?

Just a delirium out of my head and.. why not ? ;)

Adam : 6prims (LI)
Eve : 4prims (LI)


Bloggers, thank you for your support - The Challenge for builder

Dear bloggers,

Thank you very much for your excellent and talented work.
My items are in good hands with you !

Real pleasure for me today to publish your pics here (direct access blog => click the pics)

See you soon